Charity Retail Conference 2023 – are you as excited as we are?

Here at The Consultancy we’re getting very excited for the 2023 Charity Retail Association conference in Harrogate.

We’ve got new stands, new activities (including a free Lucky Dip – who doesn’t love one of those?!) and even some new people coming along with us.

So to help you get to know us better, we’re each sharing our answers to 3 Very Important Questions:

1 What’s your favourite thing about charity retail?

2. What’s the best thing you ever bought from a charity shop (online or bricks & mortar)?

3. What are you most excited about for the future of charity retail? 

Here we go…..


Jayne (Founder & Director & Co-Founder of Charity Retail Learning)

Favourite thing:

Charity shops are all about goodness – good for the planet, good for the pocket, good for a vibrant high street, good for the community, and good for the parent charity. Seriously, what’s not to love?!

Best buy:

My Stella McCartney Adidas trainers, from RSPCA Glossop for £10! I wear them all the time.


The sector is awash with opportunities and possibilities. Sales and profits are better than ever, and there is more appetite for innovation. What I love most in my role at The Charity Retail Consultancy is highlighting local and broader opportunities to our lovely clients and helping make them a reality.


Vicki (Senior Consultant & Co-Founder of Charity Retail Learning)

Favourite thing:

I love the creativity, and that everything about it is good – it’s sustainable, provides fabulous volunteering and employment opportunities, helps maintain lively and diverse high streets, engages with the community and raises millions of pounds for lots of fantastic causes.

Best buy:

My big Burberry scarf – from Martin House Wetherby shop. Bought over the phone after they shared it on their Facebook page. I live 300 miles away and they posted it to me. Fantastic service and I’ve worn it every winter (and some summers!) for the past 5 years!


Seeing young people engage more with the sector. I can’t wait to see what their energy and passion for the planet brings.


Diane (Associate Consultant)

Favourite thing:

The people, the sector community and that working within is helping make the world a better place.

Best buy:

A lovely gold framed mirror.


Constantly evolving, learning and as it becomes more on trend, the better we and the planet will be.


Julian  (The Charity Retail Marketeer)

Favourite thing:

The positive contribution to society in so many ways

Best buy:

A table from our local Emmaus that my wife Suzy upcycled


Where Gen Z, who love preloved, will take the sector in the future


Amelia (Engagement Associate)

Favourite thing:

The community that each store establishes. The charm of the crowd that charity retail attracts, from the local shoppers to the volunteers, all of whom are there to support an invaluable charity, creates a sense of community and kindness which is hard to come by in any other area of retail.

Best buy:

My trusty pair of Birkenstock clogs!


I’m excited for the future of charity retail’s clear social and environmental benefits as a result of its sustainability. Charity retail is at the heart of the sustainable fight for climate justice, as a result of its promotion of re-using and recycling puts sustainability over micro-trends and over consumption.


So there you have it – a team full of love for the sector and optimism for the future.

And if you want to join in,  Amelia will be roving with her camera phone over the 2 days, asking you the same three questions. We’d love hear your thoughts – and then share them on our You Tube channel over the coming weeks.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Find The Charity Retail Consultancy on Stand 30 and Charity Retail Learning with the Charity Retail Association stand

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