Let’s acknowledge how well we’ve done

At The Consultancy, we’ve been reflecting over our pandemic journey recently.

It’s been really hard work, emotionally, mentally and physically. It’s also brought out the best in us both, as business women as well as in our personal and family lives. Like many others, we’ve worked really hard in less than ideal circumstances and we want to acknowledge that. And encourage others – especially women who often put down or underplay their achievements – to do the same.

We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved in the past year or so.

From the start, we wanted to support the sector as much as we could, so we offered free phone advice, worked with others to create helpful resources, supported the Charity Retail Association in its fantastic response to the pandemic and shared advice, information and stories via our growing social media presence.

We trained ourselves in how to run a website, how to blog, how to manage social media, register a trademark, become a Limited company, deliver the same quality of work online as we do in person and much, much more.

We flexed our already successful business to meet the challenges we were all facing. We developed Lockdown Learning – a simple, video based training suite – and it was a huge success. From there, we devised the concept of The Charity Retail Academy and brought a new arm of our business to life. From designing the logo to planning and devising the courses, from building our website to creating the Charity Retail Learning partnership with the Charity Retail Association – we did it all together, from the corners of our homes.

We also supported dozens of charities in our Consultancy work – including a 3 day week Director of Retail maternity cover post for 6 months – and we know from our clients’ feedback and our continuing relationship with many of them that we did a great job every time.

Now we’re all moving into the next phase of this pandemic journey, it feels right to stop and reflect. People are tired, there has been so much sadness around us all for such a long time and many people have been alone with that.

So it’s really, really important to notice the things you did well. The things you feel proud of.

Let’s take a moment every day to reflect on a good thing we’ve done – and ask others what they’re the most proud of too, so you can help them celebrate themselves as well.

And don’t forget to share those fantastic stories and achievements online! #GoTeamMe


Thank you

We couldn’t have achieved any of this without the help, support and partnership of our partners, family and friends, and many other businesses large and small, including: Patrick Hostler (logo & design), Jay Taylor (website), Dan O’Driscoll (Engagement Consultancy), Business Gateway (digital training), Robin Osterley, Julia Edwards, Susan Meredith and the team at the Charity Retail Association, Catherine Shuttleworth (sage advice and support), Anj Handa and her Inspiring Women Change Makers, the Lloyds Bank Foundation.

And of course all our Charity Retail Learning tutors – Zoe Amar from Zoe Amar Digital, Emily Beere at Thriftify, Sarah Baggaley, Ngozi Lyn Cole from GLT Partners, Billy Farrell from DEBRA, Michael Fleming and all the team at Nisyst, Kat Maclennan from Dot to Dot, Minoti Parikh at TPL Experiences, Pete Thomas at Lodge Service,    Anne Webb and Ailene Young from RNLI.

Finally thank you to all our followers and friends on social media. We always appreciate you being there.

More About Us

The Charity Retail Consultancy helps charity retailers and other non-profits (including museums and galleries) develop their retail operation, improve their product offer and people, and improve their profitability.

The Charity Retail Academy provides online & face to face training developed by charity retailers, for charity retailers. We work in partnership with the Charity Retail Association to deliver Charity Retail Learning to their members and beyond.

The Charity Retail Coach offers a first class executive coaching service via our Associate, Dan O’Driscoll.

To find out more or to speak to us about how we can help you, please get in touch:


Jayne – 07598 243210

Vicki – 07985 574904

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