Charity Retail News Round-Up – week commencing 03.04.23

Each week we share with you our pick of the best stories on charity retail, shopping secondhand and the circular economy from the UK, Ireland and around the world.

We also  add links to relevant Charity Retail Learning courses associated with each article to help you implement some of the ideas we’re sharing

Here’s our pick from the past 7 days

Volunteering to combat loneliness

Here’s a great blog that Billy Farrell, Assistant Director of Retail from CHSS wrote for us about how volunteering in a charity shop in combating isolation and loneliness. Why not share it on your socials to help attract volunteers to your charity? 

Volunteering To Combat Isolation and Loneliness | The Charity Retail Consultancy


Volunteer Recruitment – how to develop, implement & review an effective volunteer recruitment plan 

Volunteer Induction & Recognition

Gen Z shopping habits

An interesting article on the different shopping habits across the generations. Gen Zs are the most likely to shop secondhand online to save money, with 42% purchasing a pre-owned item digitally in the past year.

Survey reveals online shopping habits of Gen Z | Chain Store Age


Introduction to ecommerce | Charity Retail Learning

Increase in customers, decrease in donations? 

Lots of charities are reporting record sales just now which is fabulous. But are you beginning to see a drop off in donations as people hold onto items for longer for sustainability and financial reasons – or are selling their goods privately online? This article from Canada tells us that the Salvation Army Thrift Stores there need more stock in the light of increased sales. Make sure you have a good plan in place for your stock acquisition to head off any challenges that might be on the horizon

The Salvation Army Thrift Store reporting drop in donations amid increase in customers | Durham Radio News


Right stock, right shop – how to effectively stock your shops | Charity Retail Learning

British Heart Foundation research shows that 25% of UK wardrobes contain no preloved items

We’re doing great moving people over to buy preloved fashion – but we’re not there yet, as this survey from the BHF highlights

A quarter of the nation’s wardrobes contain no preloved items | BHF

Tik Tokker window takeover

Lots of love online for this Tik Tokker who volunteered to re-dress charity shop windows in Brighton

British Heart Foundation – London Road, Brighton @Scarlett Elizabeth… | TikTok

If you want to make a real impact with your window displays, we have lots of options for you


Visual Merchandising Masterclass – Creating exciting shopping experiences and maximising sales | Charity Retail Learning

All Visual Merchandising Courses | Charity Retail Learning

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