Are you 2023 Marketing Ready?

Blog by Julian Temblett – ‘The Charity Marketeer’ for the Charity Retail Consultancy

With fundraising facing big hurdles, charity retail finds itself at the top of the opportunity pile, due to the growing demand for pre-loved and cost of living crises – with marketing set to play a crucial role in its success.  And by marketing, I don’t just mean communications and branding but marketing in its broadest sense.  This includes having the insight, strategies and propositions in place, with your charity and partners engaged – to recruit volunteers, source stock and drive sales.

But are you, your teams and your charity 2023 marketing ready?

Take the 5-minute Retail Marketing mini-health check to find out.

Marketing mini-health check

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The Charity Retail Consultancy helps charity retailers and other non-profits (including museums and galleries) develop their retail operation, improve their product offer and people, and improve their profitability.

The Charity Retail Learning provides online & face to face training developed by charity retailers, for charity retailers. We work in partnership with the Charity Retail Association to deliver Charity Retail Learning to their members and beyond.

The Charity Retail Coach offers a first class executive coaching service via our Associate, Dan O’Driscoll.

The Charity Retail Marketeer can support you with all your charity’s marketing needs

The Charity Retail Merchandiser helps you create stunning and profitable displays in store and online

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