Kate is an accomplished management consultant and executive coach, and works with charities, as well as the private and public sectors and international corporations.

Since 2018 she has run Mental Health First Aid, Awareness, Champion and Refresher courses, as well as wellbeing and resilience programmes.

She is passionate about understanding as much as she can about people’s behaviours so that she can support them

Kate has extensive experience gained from both operational and specialist roles within the private and public sector.  She tells us more about herself here:

I moved into Mental Health training after many years working in leadership and development as it brought back into focus my studies in psychology.  I have experience of family and friends with mental health issues and am passionate about understanding as much as I can so that I can support them and others.

I run Mental Health First Aid, Awareness and Refresher courses as well as wellbeing and resilience programmes within the NHS, charities and businesses. Into each I bring my experience of the Mindfulness training I have had.  



  • Bsc (Hons) Psychology. Working towards Masters in Leadership and Coaching
  • CFCIPD (Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development)
  • MBTI (Myers Briggs) qualified levels 1 and 2
  • SDI (Self Deployment Inventory)
  • MNCP (Member of National Council of Psychotherapists)
  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor (MHFA England)
  • Burke Learning Agility Inventory (BLAI) qualified



‘Very informative, very helpful, insightful, fun learning. I would definitely (and actually have) recommended this course to anyone and everyone. It was a safe space to ask questions without feeling judged or misunderstood. I had fun learning through this and have been able to apply it to my personal life as well as being ready to apply it to my professional life. Thank you! ‘

Kate delivered an excellent course that was informative and really challenged my knowledge of mental health (in a good way). Looking forward to applying this new perspective in my day to day life. She involved everyone, making sure we were all ok throughout and made the very difficult subject enjoyable. I have gained much knowledge from taking this course

Our tutor Kate was wonderful. Very calming effect when talking about heavy topics. As a trainer myself, its hard to keep everyone engaged for long durations, but I felt totally engaged throughout and got a lot from the course. Extremely worthwhile course and very enjoyable

I can’t fault Kate.  I thought she was a great instructor for the course. She really makes sure she engages everyone and gets everyone actively involved in the course and talking which I think is fantastic.  She never left anyone out if they had something extra to add. I am typically a quiet person, but felt confident and comfortable speaking up in discussions. I also think Kate did a remarkable job given the current climate and the course being virtual which cannot be easy to manage. So overall a huge thank you.

To find out more about Kate’s services and how she can support you, get in touch